Serenity and sensuality are two prerequisites for a healthy happy couple. Can you feel those in your bedroom?

There was a couple that really liked a chick gray-green monochromatic bedroom in a magazine. They were inspired by it so they put gray-green onto everything: carpet, wall, curtains, sheets. They were doing these changes in a 6-months long period and with every addition of gray-green their relationship gradually cooled. And by the end of this 6-months period the woman was sleeping in the guest room. Following a Feng Shui consultation they replaced the gray-green with pink and other warm colors, restoring sensual balance in the bedroom and their relationship warmed up.

So these are tips how to bring serenity, sensuality and passion into your bedroom and life:

-Place your bed in the power position with the headboard against a wall, allowing you to see the bedroom door. This instinct is rooted in our primal need for safety, as having an overview of the entrance ensures security, otherwise in caveman times a tiger would eat us. Avoid positioning the bed directly opposite the door, and consider using a headboard for added comfort and a sense of security during sleep.

-In Feng Shui, common sense plays a big role. So ensure you have a quality, noise-free mattress and a sturdy bed.

-Avoid metal bed frames with sharp edges, as they pose a safety risk. You will know that while moving around you can hurt yourself and that hinders relaxation, making it difficult to be fully present in the moment.

-Introduce the Fire element to your bedroom using red tones, such as fuchsia and red, in decor like pillows and art. But work with reds in moderation in the bedroom, so that you aren’t overstimulated and are able to also sleep there well. I mean bedroom is not solely for sex, right? Fire element is also in materials made from animals – like wool and fur. Placing a fur rug (a faux fur rug) next to the bed can feel really pleasurable under your feet. When it comes to shapes, fire element is represented in triangular shapes. Add candles into the room. If you want to know more about the fire element, feel free to seek me out after the lecture.

-Opt for warmer wall colors that evoke a desire to undress. Cool tones like green and blue may create a chilly ambiance, making us less inclined to be naked subconsciously.

-Invest in sheets made from a pleasant fabric, like silk, to enhance the sensual experience. Choose clean sheets with a pleasant scent. Opt for flesh-toned colors for warmth without overstimulation.

-Incorporate art in the bedroom that symbolizes love, partnership, and passion, such as sensual sculptures or images of embracing couples. And the funny thing is that you may have suitable items already in your home. Feng shui is often just shopping around your own house.

-Definitely place at least one recent happy couple picture in the bedroom. Avoid images of kids (at least not many and not big) or in-laws, as the subconscious mind blurs the line between pictures and reality. And you don’t want to be intimate in front of these people. Refrain from displaying spiritual figures like angels, Mary, or Jesus; reserve your spiritual guides for other areas of the house.

-Now, do you remember the second principle of Chi – everything is connected? Ensure your kids like their rooms to avoid them joining you in bed every night. There was a couple that faced intimacy issues because their kids slept with them every single night and refused to sleep in their kids’ room. The parents were surprised, because they had remodeled their room in a beautiful animal theme. But these kids had a huge rhino framed above their bed that made the children subconsciously feel unsafe and fled into their parents’ bed into safety. Also things like these we can see with our feng shui eyes.

-Similarly, avoid excessive patterns in kids’ rooms, as it may overstimulate them, making it challenging to fall asleep. And when they finally do, parents are by that time really tired too. Overstimulated kids can be misdiagnosed with 

ADHD, leading to unnecessary medication prescriptions, but this falls more into the health category.

-If you want to have better sex, hide all the kids’ toys before going to sleep. 

-Avoid having a TV in the bedroom to prevent the temptation of watching it before sleep and potential disconnection. TVs, when turned off, act as mirrors in Feng Shui, doubling everything around them. So if there are 2 of you in the bed –  it makes four of you and is “inviting new people into the bedroom”,  which may not align with fidelity. In polyamorous relationships, if desired, a mirror can be placed in the bedroom without concern.

-Also, remove sports equipment and, if possible, the desk and your home office. If we have our work and bills on our mind even in the bedroom, it’s much harder to unwind and become intimate.

-Transform the bedroom into a sanctuary for you and your partner, prioritizing your relationship in this special space. Create unique rituals that nurture your love, such as lighting candles, playing soft music, and introducing sensual scents. Make these rituals your own.

Couples sharing a positive view from the bed tend to share a positive outlook on life. Man was staring through the broken bathroom door that never closed right onto the toilet. Woman was staring at a violent poster. They had ice-blue sheets. After a Feng Shui consultation, they made changes—fixed the door, replaced the poster with a romantic painting, added a small table with a scented candle and fresh flowers between the door and the painting, and switched to magenta flannel bedding. Their moods improved almost immediately, interest in each other grew, and in the new bedding they felt warm enough to sleep naked, rekindling the spark between them.

Incompatible relationships may manifest in our homes, especially when one partner appears more dominant. Balancing masculine and feminine energies is crucial for a strong relationship. The dynamic of one partner constantly running away and the other chasing often leads to a decline in the sex life. To support balanced energies, ensure each partner has sufficient space next to the bed, a nightstand, and a night lamp, with matching sizes for harmony.