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I am Zuzana, a Feng Shui Expert and  interior design consultant. As a Feng Shui Expert and advocate for a comprehensive approach to healthcare, we educate clients. There is a link between enviornment and well-being.  In Western medicine, there is limited consideration given to the psychosomatic link of disease and the influence of the mind. With our enviornment directly impacting our well-being, we provide a custom solution for your working and living spaces. 

Recent research demonstrates that our physical surroundings affect gene expression, brainwave quality, stress responses, trauma management, and mindset. In addition to this, the flow of universal life energy known as Chi within our homes directly influences the Chi within our bodies. Feng Shui is a form of acupuncture for our homes. It improvesthe the flow of Chi, and subsequently has a potive impact on our health, relationships, and prosperity.

My goal is to raise awareness about the relationship between physical environments and health.Let me  design your home or office today!

Live in an enviornment  that promotes health, safety, comfort, aesthetics, and invites positivity into our lives. As a Feng Shui Expert, I know we will enhance your living enviornments.

Feng Shui Expert

My Story

How I Became a Feng Shui Expert

Ever since I was a little girl, I was always evaluating what kind of impact living and working environments had on me. I was feeling their energy, sensing what felt right and what didn’t. The lack of organization, systems and layout designs would irritate me!

I also remember that I wanted to become a doctor so that I can save lives. Well I mostly wanted to be the savior of the world, but that seemed like a pretty big task so I settled on being a doctor and completed my education to do just that.

The inspiration and creativity started

Then, around the age of ten, I developed a hobby of drawing floor plans for houses. I would make up a random family and try to create a home that would accommodate the needs for every single member. I was crafting endless designs from my imagination.

When the time came to finally choose my career path, I found myself torn between interior design and medicine. My desire to heal people drew me toward medicine, and I eventually became an orthodontist. However, I always felt like something was missing, I realized I wasn’t on the path that would bring me joy and happiness.

The thought of interior design remained at the back of my mind, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that swapping medicine for design felt too superficial. I soul-searched for a long time, and honestly, at some points of my life I felt stuck. But I am not a fan of mediocrity, so I was tirelessly looking for my path and for answers.

An Epiphany

One day, I had a crazy epiphany, that felt right. What if through the interior design of home furnishing I could help people live healthy in their own lving space? Then it wouldn’t be a superficial interior design career anymore, it would be about making a tangible difference in people’s lives. This began my journey of being a Feng Shui Expert.

 I discovered Feng Shui, which presents and explains a well-known link between our physical environment and life. It felt like the natural first step in my journey. Recently, the field of epigenetics or (highlighting how our environments, both internal and external, affect our genes and overall health) has been booming. There’s a growing trend towards holistic approaches, and moving away from the typical pharmacological and symptomatic treatments.

The Final Result: A Feng Shui Expert

One of my strengths has always been connecting information from various sources to create a coherent whole. In med school, while I was studying, I was connecting the dots, figuring out a way to understand the processes in the human body, not just memorize them. Then I didn’t have to spend so much time above the books. As I look back, I realize that this “connecting the dots” is my strength and Feng Shui is my passion. Now, I have combined my strength and my passion together and that’s why you are reading the text on this website.

I’m happy that you’re here! And look forward to serving all of your interior design needs!😉

Take a deep breath and ask, what small action would make me feel better in this room?

Take a deep breath and ask, what small action would make me feel better in this room?

Feng Shui Experts

Feng Shui has its roots in the “I Ching”, one of the world’s oldest books dating back 3000 to 3,500 years. The name feng shui is derived from the Chinese words: Feng meaning wind and Shui meaning water. “Wind” represents all that is unseen – like the way we feel in our environment, our hopes, dreams, patterns, limitations… “Water” stands for all that is seen – the walls, furniture and visible things we have achieved & material things we have accumulated… The “seen” and the “unseen” are in a constant intertwined relationship and they influence each other. And us Feng Shui practitioners, we mindfully work with material objects in a way that influences the unseen energy in an auspicious way.

The difference between Interior Design and Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, we are creating homes that are safe (both physically and subconsciously) The safety is life father, comfort is like mother and they go hand in hand and beauty is the child. And when beauty runs around without parents unsupervised it can be dangerous, parents have to guide the child. So Feng Shui is concerned with safety, comfort, and beauty, whereas interior design often has mostly only beauty on its mind.

When it comes to material things, everything is composed of tinier and tinier particles. Sometime, in the 20th century, physicists discovered that at the deepest level, everything is made up of mysterious entities. These entities are fluid-like substances known as quantum fields. These invisible fields act like particles, sometimes like waves. So, on the deepest level of material objects, there is just a vibration with a frequency, only some kind of energy.

Our ancestors, however, have known about this life force energy even before physicists were calling themselves physicists. They were describing this so-called life force energy – in India, in Ayurveda, it was named Prana, in China they called it Chi.

This  “life force”, “natural energy” called Chi – has 3 basic principles:

Everything is alive: Every element, whether animate or not, is infused with the universal life energy called Chi. Each object possesses Chi, and we consistently associate it with positive or negative Chi through our thoughts and emotions.

For example: A beautiful vase might carry negative Chi, if it’s from a mother-in-law that you detest.

Everything is connected: – Chi interconnects every material entity in the world, and also the intangible aspects, such as thoughts and feelings. This interconnection creates a ripple effect throughout our environment. A cluttered corner, for instance, disrupts your state of mind. This leads to chaotic reactions that cause negative effects on relationships and routines.

Everything is changing: – Change is constant. As we evolve and our habits shift, our homes need adjustments, especially after major transitions like vacations, death, divorce, or retreats. Have you ever come home from vacation and suddenly you want to paint the walls? Physical changes solidify a new mindset and prevent reverting to old patterns.

Chi flows through everything, so, we need to ensure that it flows optimally. Chinese medicine is concerned with the correct flow of Chi in our bodies. Feng shui deals with the harmonious flow of Chi in our homes. Feng Shui is acupuncture for our homes.

So how does it work with this Chi?

Chi moves into our homes through the front door and is transported through hallways into every room. If clutter or excessive furniture obstructs the walkways, Chi becomes stagnant, leading to an “energy constipation” that hinders its nurturing effect. This makes us feel stuck, and hinders progress in our lives.

 Homes with bare walls and minimal decoration experience “energy diarrhea,” allows Chi to rush through too quickly. This causes stress and chaos in our lives.

The ideal scenario is when Chi flows through the home at a sustainable, pleasant pace, supplying each room adequately, and creating a harmonious and comfortable living space.